Workshops Across Long Island Network (LINC)

On Tuesday, June 16, Craig Markson from Stony Brook University will be coming to Connetquot High School to give an informal informational session to those interested in obtaining a Post Master’s Advanced Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership.  In partnership with the Connetquot Teacher Center and Stony Brook University, we will be forming a cohort that will begin in September.  This is very exciting news as we have not been able to run a cohort since the 2010 school year.  Take advantage of the discounted rates for courses and also the convenience of being on the school campus and not having to drive to the college in search of a parking space. 
 In order to run the cohort we need a minimum number of participants.  If you do have an interest, please contact me at connetquottc@gmail and let me know that you will be attending one of the two informational sessions on the 16.  The first session begins at 2:45 and the next is at 4:15.  Both sessions will not be longer than 40 minutes.  Craig will go over the cost, courses needed leading to the Post Master's Graduate Certificate, and much more. 
The address at the high school is:  190 Seventh Street Bohemia, 11767