About Us

Teacher Centers
Working to Ensure Students
are College and Career Ready
n Collaborations with parents and district communities to provide education
of the state’s higher learning standards.
n Collaborations with colleges, universities, museums, youth bureaus, early
childhood agencies and workforce investment boards to promote an
integrated P-20 educational approach to learning.
n Professional development focused on the integration of technology to
promote 21st century skill development.
n Professional development training of instructional leadership practices
that promote academic achievement, social and emotional welfare.
n Training that supports successful transition to college and careers.
n Professional development focused on data-driven instructional
decision making.
n Non-proprietary professional development that immediately responds to local,
state and federal initiatives, including all components of the Race-to-the-Top
and NYS Education Regents Reform agenda.
n Assistance with acquiring additional grant funds for high priority and
focus districts.
n Teacher Center staff to create and deliver professional development to P-20
educators at all educational institutions.
n Non-competitive work shared among thousands of educators across the state.
n Outreach to public, non-public and charter schools, as well as higher education
facilities, with the ability to expand relationships with increased funding.
n Most successful private-public partnerships with companies and organizations
(see reverse) that generate more than $36 million in additional revenue.
n Professional learning to support all stakeholders in the teacher and principal
evaluation process.
n Instructional leadership that supports current and future educators.
Teacher Center funding provides the following:
At a time when we
are asking educators
to comply with higher
learning standards to
ensure all students are
on track for college and
career readiness, we
must first provide
parents and educators
with the resources and
tools they need to meet
this demand. The
Executive Budget fails
to fund Teacher Centers.
Funding should be
restored to at least
its 2008-09 levels of
$40 million.
NYSUT supports the
important work of the
Teacher Resource and
Computer Training
Centers, as we have
since 1984.